Thief (2019)

After a one night stand, Moon's lighter turns up missing. Moon suspects the girl who spent the night at his place (Eliána Szabó) stole it. In his search for the lighter, he finds what he's truly been searching for. My intention in making this film is to disrupt gendered stereotypes surrounding sex and love, and to showcase male vulnerability.

Match (2019)

A group of boys head out to the woods to hang out and smoke. Their preconceived disdain for one of their friends results in a grizzly tragedy. Match exaggerates an eerily accurate portrait of Chicago youth today.

Follow 4 Follow (2018)

Naive to the dangers of internet fame, Toby Matteo (Nick Buzzi) shares his entire life through daily updates. Little does he know, he’s being stalked. Follow 4 Follow gives new meaning to having a cult following in the age of the influencer.

Sh*t Happens (2018)

Alice (Allison Rauch) is in distress when her girlfriend breaks up with her. She’s met by a voice meant to guide her through her first heartbreak, but where is it coming from?